On a Sunday morning, I found several videos and pictures from my elementary school graduation.

It was six years ago, when I was 12.

I saw myself there and all the memories from that time played themselves like a video in my head.

There were my friends, my teachers, my brother, and my aunt…

But where was my father?

I couldn’t find him among those pictures.

Of course, because he had passed away about half a year before that day.

He wasn’t there on the day of my elementary school graduation…

He wasn’t there on the day of my junior high school graduation…

He won’t be there on the day of my high school graduation, which is coming next year…

And the fact that he won’t be there on my wedding day makes my heart ache so much.

He left too early, seriously.

When I think about it again, what have I done for him? Nothing.

What have I proven to him? Nothing.

What have I shown to him? Nothing, but the childish and spoiled side of me.

Now that I’ve grown into a so much better person, he isn’t here to see it.

Oh God…

Would my father become proud of me if he could see me now?