Officially Not A High School Girl Anymore!

I first started this blog when I was in the first grade of high school. Three years have passed by quickly, and after the finals, prom, graduation and all, now I’m officially not a high school student anymore! Whoa… Sometimes it’s still hard to believe it.
I must admit that I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to my ‘youth’ and start a new chapter in my book of life as an ‘adult’. It’s hard to describe the mixed emotions in my heart now. I’ve always known that this day would come sooner or later, but when it finally came, I feel overwhelmed… Looking back at the past three years of my life, I’m positive than I’m going to miss everything and everyone. Many events took past during my unforgettable high school years… the heart-warming ones as well as the heart-breaking ones. It would be too much to talk about them all!
But first of all, I’m very thankful to my awesome Jesus Christ for the amazing and unexpected result of my finals! Finally, those days of hard work, sweat and tears are finally paid… I got the highest scores. Yes, I really did. What makes me feel proud is because I did it on my own, when 13 out of 15 students in my class (except my best friend & me) cheated. Hallelujah! I’ve proven that when we rely 100% on God, He will never, ever let us down.
I was also given the honor to deliver the valedictorian speech, which was a very nerve-racking experience for me, despite the fact that I also did it in elementary and junior high school. I was glad to be able to share my experiences during my precious 13 years growing up in Tunas Daud. I’ll never forget the school that has been a very important of my life, the school where I got to know Jesus for the first time, the school where most of my first-time experiences took place.
My high school life definitely didn’t end happily and dramatically like what I’d read on manga. It was somewhat disappointing, especially the last year. It was also painful to remember. How the teachers who I initially respected turned out to be ‘not that amazing’… How I saw my friends gave up their integrity for false achievement… However, those disappointments aren’t going to change the way I feel about my school since kindergarten, at least not completely.
So, it’s finally time to say goodbye to the people who mean a lot in my life…
For my best friend & sister (who moved away in the second year but remains the best in my heart), thank you for staying by my side and always supporting me! Even though we are far apart, you always let me know that you’ll be there for me anytime I need you, and that’s a relief. I sincerely wish you won’t forget or even discard the special bond that we shared, even since we’re babies!
For my other bestie, thanks for being so crazy and turning me into a crazy girl as well! LOL. Thanks for all the fun, all the silly jokes, all the embarrassing experiences we shared together… Thanks for strengthen me when I fell down… Thanks for teaching me a lot of things about life. And more importantly, thanks for standing firm together with me, even when the whole world opposed.   
For my 3-year crush since junior high who used to be my best male friend, thanks for introducing a new world to me that I didn’t know before, and also for teaching me how to cope with heartbreak!
For the rest of my wonderfully crazy and unbelievably silly classmates, thanks for all the great time and the smile that you put on my face! I love you guys, I really do. Even though I might not be that close with some of you, everyone is special and precious to me.
For my teachers, thank you for all the things you taught me! Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for all the encouragements. Thank you for the great time!
My high school life is not perfect, but it’s still beautiful nonetheless. After this, I still have to face IELTS before finally breathing in relief… But I will do it with full optimism, since studying abroad has been my dream for years, and I won’t give up that easily! And I know that wherever I go, God will always be with me. So, there’s nothing to worry about, right? ;)


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