So finally, after what seemed like endless struggles, I have successfully made my way into MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) majoring in Mass Communication. I passed IELTS with a score that I’d never dared to expect, but God is truly amazing. He let me pass it with what I can proudly refer to as ‘great accomplishment’. Without taking any course before. Just wow.
Attending a university in Singapore has always been my dream since I was still in junior high school. And now it’s finally coming true. I’m leaving to Singapore tomorrow (well, if the weather is conducive enough for my flight). I don’t know what to feel, seriously. So many emotions flood my senses—excitement, happiness, anxiety, insecurity. Gosh… The biggest question I’ve been asking myself these past few days revolve around: Will I be able to survive there? Will I be able to meet the seemingly high standard of school? Will I be able to live alone, like, completely alone? Will I be able to adapt to the new environment?
However, one thing that keeps me composed is the fact that God will always be there for me. No matter where I go, no matter how far I travel from my hometown, He will always be beside me, hold my hand and strengthen me. I keep telling myself that there is nothing I should worry about, as long as I rely on Him.
Two days ago, I went to my granduncle’s office to thank him for paying most of my tuition fee. Surprisingly enough, he asked me one question that caught me totally off guard. “Why don’t you consider going to the US instead?” To be honest, I have never considered that option before. For me, Singapore is good enough to pursue my higher studies. But my granduncle, my aunt and even my mom seem to encourage me to go to the US, thinking that universities there are way better than those in Singapore. I must admit that is a really tempting offer. However, I need to think about it seriously before deciding anything.
Well, I guess my journey is yet to begin…  


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