30 Minutes in Atelier Royale Butler Cafe

Yesterday I went to the last day of AFA (Anime Festival Asia) at Expo, Singapore. One of the most exciting experiences I had was when I visited the infamous Atelier Royale butler café. I had heard of this café before from my friend but it was my first time going there and I was so excited! Basically we will be served by butlers and treated like a princess. Photography and physical contact with the butlers are not allowed, but we can talk with them. Each customer (or group of customers) is expected to stay at the café for only 30 minutes (not sure how long I spent there, though).
As expected, the queue was long even though it was still quite early (around 11). I had to wait for about 20 minutes before being served. I ordered a yuzu cheesecake that costed me $19 (it came with Nescafe) and later bought a pumpkin bread that I initially wasn’t interested in (just because Shou ‘persuadedme)! I spent $5 more to take a picture with one of the butlers (can only choose one) but it’s all worth it!
So when I first came in, I placed my order and paid at the cashier. The ‘manager’ then called a butler who was not serving any customer at that time, who turned out to be Haru, the head butler. He’s my friend’s favorite, not mine… Haha. But I must admit he looked really charming from close! Ahhh… He then bowed and greeted me, though I’m not sure what he said at that moment because I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. He escorted me to an empty table and pulled the chair for me (ASDFGHJKL!). I couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot, I swear! He then introduced himself, “Hello. My name is Haru and I’m the head butler. I will be serving you today.” He confirmed my order one more time before politely excusing himself.
Moments later, Haru came back with a tray. He then placed the coffee on the table and asked me if he could stir it for me while kneeling (again, ASDFGHJKL!). Of course I let him do so and was too embarrassed to look at his face while he stirred my drink like a professional butler that he is. I kept my eyes glued at the coffee and watched as the floating coffee powder slowly dissolved. I then said thank you to Haru and he smiled at me… Oh my God, his smile was so cute and heartwarming! He then left again and came back with the cake. This time, he asked me if I want dressing sauce or icing. I told him that I wanted chocolate sauce, but he brought both. This is the rest of my conversation with him and the other butlers.

[E: Me, H: Haru]
H         :   What do you want me to write on the cake? *still kneeling next to me*
E          :   You mean you want to write something? (I was a little bit slow at this point… LOL)
H         :   *smiles sweetly* Yes
E          :   Ummm… Then just write my name?
H         :   What’s your name? *holding the chocolate sauce tube*
E          :   E… (I was going to spell it for him)
H         :   “E”? Only one letter?
E          :   N-no! *blushes* It’s E-V-E-L-Y-N.
H         :   Oh, Evelyn? *keeps on writing my name neatly on the side of the plate*
E          :   Yes… *keeps staring at the plate* (It became silent so I tried to initiate a conversation) Is  the head butler always the same person or does it change from one event to another?
H         :   *a little bit surprised at my question and thought carefully before answering* Umm, I was the head butler for the past two events but for the previous event, it was another butler. (I’m not sure what it means or if I heard it right, but I let it go)
E          :   I see… Umm, can I take a picture of you? (I know it’s prohibited but I couldn’t help asking!!!)
H         :   Eh? *looks at me and smiles guiltily* Yes, but not with your camera… You can take one with ours later. You can take picture of the cake, though.
E          :   Oh okay…

(After finished writing my name, Haru thought for a while since there was some space left. He took quite some time but I patiently waited for him and wondered what he would come up with. He then drew a cat, much to my surprise! Probably because I was wearing cat ears hair band at that time. Haha. I was so happy, because cat is my favorite animal.)

E          :   Awww so cute! Thank you! *squeals happily*
H         :   *smiles* I hope you enjoy the cake! *leaves*

(I was a little bit disappointed when he left but tried to enjoy my cake anyway. It was so cute that I didn’t even want to touch it, so I took a picture of it before eating. It tasted really good! As I was eating, I looked around the café and exchanged glances with some other butlers who smiled oh-so-charmingly at me. I was trying hard not to squeal and smiled back despite feeling really embarrassed. A blonde-haired butler who was not doing anything then saw me and smiled. I felt my heart stop beating for a second as he made his way to my table. ASDFGHJKL! I spent most of my time at the café talking to him. Haha.)

[E: Me, S: Shou]
S          :   Hi! *smiles brightly* (Shou is so handsome and his smile is really bright and cheerful)
E          :   Hi *smiles back despite the loud thumping inside my chest… LOL*
S          : *sits on the empty chair across from me* Do you like the cake?
E          :   Yeah sure! It tastes good… *smiles* But the drawing is so cute, I don’t want to eat it!
S          :   Evelyn… *reads my name* Who made this? Ah, wait! It must be Haru, right?
E          :   *surprised* How do you know?
S          :   Because of the cat… I recognize that drawing… Haha… Haru and I like cats.
E          :   Really? *smiles* Do you like sweets?
S          :   Me? Yeah, I like sweet things… I don’t like bitter and sour things…
E          :   Haha… I see…
S          :   Why are you alone? (He must think that I’m pathetic since other customers came with their friends)
E          :   Actually I come here with my friend… But he’s a boy, so you know… He didn’t want to come in, so I come here alone. Haha.
S          :   Oh, I see… But you’re going to meet him later, right?
E          :   Yup.
S          :   That’s good *smiles* Because you know, it’s kind of lonely to walk around alone… (He’s so caring… Ahhhh)
E          :   Haha… Yeah, that’s true. By the way, where are you from?
S          :   I’m a Singaporean. Can’t you tell? Haha!
E          :   Well you do look like one but I just want to make sure… Haha! (Actually I can’t really tell because he kinda looks like a Japanese, but his English is fluent so I was not sure at first)
S          :   Do you like it here? (He always tries to keep the conversation going)
E          : Yeah I like this place a lot! I came here to see you guys… (Which is true, since the butler café is one of the things I really looked forward to at AFA)
S          :   Oh! *a little bit surprised* You’re not from here?
E          :   No I’m not. I’m from Indonesia, but I’m studying here. Hehe ^^
S          :   Ah, I see… Where are you studying?
E          :   MDIS. Do you know it?
S          :   MDIS? *confused* Is it a poly or…?
E          :   No, it’s a private school.
S          :   Ah… *nods* What are you majoring in?
E          :   Mass Communication.
S          :   I see…
E          :   What about you? Are you also a student?
S          :   Yeah, I’m a student. I’m studying Digital Media in N****** Polytechnic. But I’m currently working for the internship.
E          :   Ah, I see… So how’s the internship? Is it fun?
S          :   *pouts a little while thinking* No, not really.
E          :   No? *laugh* Why? (I was surprised at his answer, but he was sooo cute while saying that!)
S          :   Well, ugh, actually it’s fun… But the company that I’m working for is a big and a quite famous company, so they have a high standard and we have to work really hard. (I can tell that he’s a hard-working person)
E          :   Ah, I see… Do you like working as a butler?
S          :   Yeah, I like it! It’s really fun!
E          :   *smiles* So is this your first time? Are you new here or…?
S          :   No, no! I’m not a new butler, I’m old… Oops! *covers his mouth oh-so-cutely*
E          :   *laugh at Shou’s irresistible cuteness*
S          :   No, I mean, I’m not old… I’m a senior butler… Arghhh… *tries hard to explain*
E          :   *laugh again* What kind of customer do you prefer?
S          :   I prefer… all kind of customers! *laugh* But I like the one who can talk… You know, because I’m also…
E          :   Talkative?
S          :   Yeah… I like to talk with people… So, you know, if the customer is very quite then it will be a little bit awkward…
E          :   Haha… I see! (I smile silently, knowing that he’s enjoying our conversation and glad that I’m not so quite)
S          :   By the way, would you like to try our new breads?
E          :   What bread?
S          :   We have two kinds of bread… Wait for a minute, I’ll show you. *He left and then came back with two breads, one was green and the other one was orange* This is pumpkin bread and this is …… (I forget what the other one is). Which one do you want to try?
E          :   Ummm, which one do you recommend?
S          :   I recommend the pumpkin bread, because many girls prefer this one.
E          :   Ummm, okay… I’ll take the pumpkin one then! (I actually didn’t want to buy the bread since I’m not sure of the taste but bought it anyway because of Shou. Haha.)
S          :   *smiles* Okay, here you go! *hands me the bread* It’s 3 dollars.
E          :   *hands him the money*
S          :   Thank you! *Shou then went to the cashier to get me the change and came back a minute later* Did you also come here yesterday?
E          :   No, I didn’t… *pout*
S          :   Awww, that’s a pity! LiSA was performing yesterday.
E          :   Yeah I know! Ahhhh… I wanted to see her so badly because I’m a fan of LiSA, but I had other things to do yesterday so I couldn’t come *pouts again*
S          :   I also like LiSA!
E          :   Eh, really? *excited*
S          :   Yeah! I like her songs for Angel Beats! Especially the one called ‘Ichi… Ichiban…’ (He couldn’t remember the title)
E          :   ‘Ichiban no Takaramono’!
S          :   Yeah, that one! *smiles*
E          :   Awww I also like that song! *smiles back at him*

(Somewhere in the middle of our conversation, the manager who cosplayed as a man came and whispered something in Shou’s ears. She then turned at me and smiled, and then squatted next to my chair.)

[M: Manager]
M        :   Why are you sitting there? *points at Shou who’s sitting across from me* You should kneel down here! (I can’t help but smile as the manager ‘scolded’ Shou… Haha)
S          :   *turns to look at me* Do you prefer me sitting here or down there?
E          :   No, no… I prefer you sitting there… *uses my hands to tell Shou to just stay on his seat*
S          :   See? *smiles triumphantly in the direction of the manager* (I couldn’t help but laughing again)

(Someone behind my back called Shou and Shou nodded in his direction. He then smiled apologetically at me, signing that he had to go. I nodded in understanding and let him go. After that, a cute short-haired boy approached me and replaced Shou. He knelt next to my chair and I felt so flattered every time one of the butlers did that.)

[E: Me, M: Miki]
M        :   Hello *smiles shyly* Do you enjoy the cake?
E          :   Yes *smiles back at him* What’s your name?
M        :   I’m Miki *points at his picture on the wall of the café*
E          :   I think your smile in that picture is so cute!
M        :   Really? Haha… *laughs awkwardly* You think so? (I guess he doesn’t like being called ‘cute’. LOL. But his voice is soft compared to the others and he’s really, really cute!)
E          :   Yeah I think so… Where are you from?
M        :   I’m a Singaporean.
E          :   I see… By the way, how did you guys come up with the Japanese name?
M        :   Umm, our boss decided for us… Actually some names are quite close to their original names… As for mine, my boss just wanted something cute so she chose ‘Miki’ *laughs again*
E          :   Ahh, I see… But I think it suits you!
M        :   Really? I don’t think it suits me… Haha… Because you know, I’m a member of the dance club… (I’m not sure if he’s referring to their ‘high school’ concept or if he’s really a member of dance club in school)
E          :   Wow, that’s cool! Are you a student?
M        :   Yeah, I am. I’m studying Digital Media at N****** Polytechnic.
E          :   Oh, same with Shou?
M        :   Shou? *a bit unsure* Oh, yeah… Same with him. (I don’t know why but he spoke really softly and stuttered a little at times. Haha)
E          :   Whoa… So are you guys classmates or something?
M        :   Yes we are… In fact, we are all classmates here! *referring to the concept of the café*
E          :   *laugh* Hahaha… I see!
M        :   *smiles* Actually it’s my first time working as a butler.
E          :   Really? It’s your first time?
M        :   Yeah, so I’m still new here… Haha… *smiles shyly* (No wonder he’s so shy and all! Haha)

(Actually we talked some more and as he pointed at the pictures of the butlers, I commented on Keigo being intimidating with his red hair and all. He had to leave eventually and I finished my cake right after that.)

While I was still drinking my coffee, Keigo approached the two girls who were sitting next to my table and chatted with them. I couldn’t help but noticed how handsome he is. His hair color and facial features somehow reminded me of U-KISS’ Kiseop. I have no words to describe him but being “naturally good-looking”. Our eyes met and he smiled! I think I fell in love immediately with him because of that simple action. Hahaha. He then commented on how I dressed similarly with one of the girls, since we were both wearing Japanese school uniform. We then chit-chatted some more with the two girls before I decided to leave the table and join the queue to take picture with the butlers.
As I queued there, I couldn’t decide which butler I want to take picture with, since we can only choose one butler per picture. I was contemplating between Shou and Keigo because they are my favorites. Shou is really friendly and fun to talk with, while Keigo is really handsome and nice. After pondering for quite some time, I finally decided to take picture with Keigo. When it was my turn, he was still busy serving the other customers so I had to wait a little more. When he was done with them, he came to take picture with me and smiled what seems like the most charming smile I’ve ever seen the whole day! I didn’t know how to pose but then Keigo pointed at his character on the board and suggested a pose. I agreed, so we both pointed at the character while facing the camera. SNAP! We took the picture twice because I wasn’t satisfied with the first one (I think I look bad in that picture. Haha.) After that, he bowed and said thank you to me because he knew that I was leaving soon. “See you next year!” he said. Yes, Keigo. I will definitely come to see you again next year!
So that wraps up my exciting visit to Atelier Royale butler café. Even though it was short, I really enjoyed my time there. They gave me such an unforgettable experience. All the butlers were professional and they treated me nicely. I was so sad that my time was over and didn’t really want to leave, but I knew that I had to. I really hope I don’t have to wait until next year to see them again… The saddest part is that I won’t be able to see Shou again at the next AFA, because he told me he will join the army. Anyway, I’m glad I came and I promise myself to definitely come again next year!!!     

Haru--the head butler

Handsome Keigo

Cute Miki

Cool Shou

I love the cat~ Arigatou Haru 

Shou's recommended pumpkin bread!


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